The specialization on the international market and the 15-year-experience in the field allow us to shorten the distances with costumers and to offer services which maximize the logistic and that aim to the best quality of the Made in Italy moulds.


Through experience and know-how, the planning phase is launched, according to the costumers’ needs.

The incessant technologic and market research ensures proactiveness in every project; that means that mainstream techniques are going hand in hand with innovative solutions.


The organization of the mould is achieved respecting the market requests, but also maximising the article’s duration, the production’s speed and the quantity of plastic necessary to elaborate the final product.

Each project is valuably increased thanks to the Made in Italy professionalism, which is a synonym for executive quality.


Partnerships with professionals in the field guarantees the best quality in the cad-cam processes, in the in-the-works phases and also in the tests.
The technologic solutions we offer are:

  • the sequential injection using shut-off nozzles (best known as Valve Gate)
  • the use of steel with a high percentage of chrome
  • the use of new leagues with the best heat conduction.

The test phase is crucial for the quality control. This is the reason why our customers can directly participate during the performing of this procedure.
Update service of the work in progress and the realization of the mould.


The paperwork’s fulfilment of the shipping of the mould will be done in order to assist the costumer with the international procedures.
We will provide the start-up of the mould on the spot, if requested by the costumer.
During the period covered by the warranty, we offer assistance from specialist technic staff.